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The firm of Gustavo A. Fernandez, P.A. offers real estate transactions, Title Insurance, residential evictions, and realtor services. Go to our services page to find out more.
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Evictions are case by case situations. There are different eviction processes and protocols to uphold. Contact us today to learn more and gain assistance with eviction.
There are many responsibilities and rights for residential landlords including the right to evict and to keep the property safe. Landlords must avoid discrimination and cannot treat tenants different based on things like gender, race, or age.

The laws surrounding landlord and tenant relationships are complex, so it’s crucial to seek the counsel of a real estate attorney to assist you.

We handle residential evictions starting at $500.00 plus costs for simpler default cases. An hourly fee may apply if case needs to be litigated further.
Each case is entirely unique, which makes the significance of a real estate attorney even greater. The laws and contracts surrounding real estate are complex, and require the knowledge of an experienced attorney to adequately assist in that process. In order to guarantee you are abiding by appropriate laws and system within your real estate transaction, contact Gustavo A. Fernandez, P.A. today.
Our firm is equipped to handle any of your real estate transaction needs – from residential evictions to reviewing contracts, we’re here to assist.

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It isn’t a requirement to hire an attorney before closing, but it is highly recommended. We will draft, review, and edits your contract, ensuring the most beneficial and appropriate outcome for you.
Your Title Insurance will protect your property from faults of the previous owner, even years after you purchase the property. It’s important to have this safety net when making the hefty commitment of purchasing property.
Wiring funds is most recommended. View our resources page to find Wire Instructions.
A property management group formed when a developer builds unit with common areas. The association is responsible for managing the property under certain laws and bylines, sometimes overseen by the developer himself.

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